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If you are looking for an unforgettable way
to commemorate your event, promote your
product or business this is it! It’s fun,
it’s entertaining, and it’s an industry first.

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Why iHeart
Why iHeart


Your event deserves the best!
iHeartFlipBooks Photo Booths
takes the photo booth experience
to the next level with
THE HOTTEST looking photo
booth anywhere!

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Flipbooks is the marketing tool
that your brand is looking for,
and it all starts with the

Fun<p></p> <p>Experience</p>



Having a holiday party or
corporate function?
Flipbooks are a great
addition to any party.

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Providing the ultimate value
for individuals/businesses/
organizations by making their
events the ultimate interactive
experience with memories that
last a lifetime.

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What Our

Clients Say

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Our state of the art software and
technology allows you to display
personalized scrolling message for
your event guests.

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